What to expect in a osteopathic Consultation with Dr. Karl. In the initial first consultation we take a detailed general health history and listen carefully what your main complaint is followed by an osteopathic examination and diagnosis which may include standard orthopaedic/neurological tests, palpation (light touch) to examine soft tissues (muscles), articulation to check for joint restrictions and make a diagnosis of the main problem and decide on a treatment plan. This may involve an xray, ultrasound or other referrals.
Is an Osteopathic treatment painful?

As Osteopaths we usually employ 3 aspects: structural, cranial or visceral Osteopathy. I am proficient in all 3 with my specialty being structurally focused.
In a typical consultation I explain what my treatment intentions are and with your permission I apply specific soft tissue release techniques, articulate restricted joints which will help to mobilize (free up) and if appropriate and again only with your permission may manipulate a joint (click). During the consultation I constantly talk you through the process and explain what my treatment steps involve.
Treatment is very gentle and will/should not cause pain and in particular if manipulation is involved I will explain every step and only do so with your permission and never manipulate unexpected.
I am passionate explaining how the spine/musculo skeletal system works. Teach you to learn from your mistakes, teach postural awareness,
relaxation/breathing techniques and how to prevent back injuries.
Treatment will vary in method according to age, severity, medical conditions and the level of pain (we do not treat pain with more pain).
Treatment is still very effective without manipulation (clicking) of joints.

What do I expect from my patients.
If you have any xrays, reports (MRI, ultrasound) please bring them with you for me to evaluate.
Please arrive relaxed and un-rushed, wear comfortable clean and loose clothing be able to relax after a treatment follow up onmy advice eg. stretches etc.
cancel an appointment if unable to make it.