Dr. Karl Hofmeister (D.O.) specializes in complex acute and chronic pain conditions including any muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and joint pain.
With over 35 years’ experience in the musculoskeletal field. Qualified as a registered Physiotherapist in Germany and since 1989 practising as a qualified and registered Osteopath in New Zealand

MY Approach is multi fold:
My designated title is Osteopath but I also provide you with the insight and tools for you to be able to heal, manage and prevent future episodes of pain.
I focus on:
The mechanism of injury, re injury,
Understanding pain and how to listen to your body.
Not over focusing on strength and over stretching but keeping your joints at ease.
Tapping into the bodies self balancing mechanisms and recognizing where your point of balance lies.
Becoming aware of your locomotive force (after all the body’s main design is walking).
Exploiting “Fryette’s law”. This will also help to manage and prevent bulging disks (sciatica), learn how to put your spine into gear and thus avoid putting it out again.
Not to be super(wo)man or a Hollywood hero.
Bringing together many different approaches such as Pilates, the Alexander technique, Thai chi, Yoga, meditation, breathing, postures, movement patterns, ergonomics, safe lifting techniques, dietary changes and much more.
As we all are creatures of habit and behaviours we can learn new ways and breaking away from “no pain / no gain” to “no pain / lots of gain”.